Disability Bikes

Disability Bikes 

 ***We have made every effort to source, finance and supply disability bikes for rental on the limerick greenway. However, our current location does not have safe access to the greenway for wheelchair users. While we have been working with the owner of Baranagh Greenway Hub, Limerick County Council and West Limerick Resources to try and resolve this issue unfortunately, there has been no suitable developments to date. We continue to work on this issue and will update our website if and when it gets resolved. ***

Disability Bikes 

People, who cannot ride on a regular bicycle, look for a proper and safe alternative. We at Locomotion Bike Rental want to support people of all ability to access the Limerick Greenway.

We have researched and sourced high quality disability bikes from a company called Van Raam. Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycle and transport bikes as well as other specialised disability bicycle products.

Van Raam has been producing bicycles for almost 110 years, and for more than 35 years with a focus on special needs bikes. Nothing is produced in stock, each bike is manufactured individually. With around 230 employees, Van Raam produces Dutch quality bikes, mainly for adults and children with disabilities and who are looking for more safety and stability when riding a bike.

We are delighted to announce that we are in the process of becoming agents for this fantastic company through our Spin Doctor shop in Abbeyfeale and will be renting the following at Locomotion Bike Rental at the Barnagh Greenway Hub.

Disability Bike Descriptions

Maxi Trike

Maxi Trike

The Maxi Tricycle  is specially designed for people, who want to have extra support and stability while cycling. The  Maxi is designed for stability and hence creates a feeling of security while cycling. You can easily mount and ride with this smooth-running tricycle. The Maxi Trike has a parking brake, steering limiter, a sturdy adjustable stem.

€50/per day

Velo Plus with Wheelchair Platform | Disability Bike Rental | Limerick Greenway

Velo plus platform

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people who can remain seated in their own wheelchair. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle. The co-rider can be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily, the tilted ramp makes it easy to roll the wheelchair onto the wheel-chair bike and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock. 

€50/per day

Midi Trike | Disability Bike Rental | Limerick Greenway

Midi Trikes

The Midi Tricycle  is similar to the Maxi Trike but designed for younger users or shorter people. It is a smooth-running three-wheeler with a solid finish. It is designed for stability and gives that same sense of security while cycling. This tricycle is easy to mount and ride and is extremely smooth running. It has a parking brake and steering limiter.

€50/per day

Easy Rider Bike | Disability Bike Rental | Limerick Greenway

easy rider

The Easy Rider tricycle is for adults, it has a comfortable seat with adjustable back support and raised edges on the side for better sitting comfort and lateral support. Because of the unique frame, there is a low entry, and the centre of gravity lies lower. It is very easy to ride on due to the forward pedalling movement and the suspension in the frame. Our Easy Rider has Electric pedal support.

€50/per day

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